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Ontario Parks

Project Overview
Ontario Parks' new branding reflects an adventurous and playful image while also acknowledging their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. It accommodates the diversity of landscapes and experiences offered  by providing a structure for a more cohesive and flexible identity.
4 months

The Problem

"How can we create a brand identity that is uniquely Ontarian and balances the adventurous, playful side of the Ontario Parks experience with their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship?"

The Solution

The logomark is a loon, Ontario's provincial bird. An iconic animal, the loon is a symbol of with Ontario's lakes and natural landscapes. It's pose is uplifting and optimistic, drawing clean lines for a modern look. A combination of sharp and curved lines give it dynamism.
In addition to the logo, the new branding system is based on the six types of parks in the Ontario Parks system. Each type of park was given a color and an icon to help differentiate them from one another. The secondary flexible element is a circular text frame. Icons and the text frame can be used separately. When used with the together they form the Ontario Parks badges.

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